Since my laptop is about to kick the bucket. (not charging worth a damn lol) I’ll be gone until I get my new computer built.Ordering the parts tonight. Hoping to start doing alot of art with a beastly computer. 

Dont take this to hard. I shall return my friendos. let this image of putin calm you. 

Work harder comrades.

Hey Emy, have you ever seen stories of reptoid-human hybrids or Nordic-human hybrids? Or have you read stuff about alien-alien hybrids? I'm trying to do some research for a story but I'm not having the best of luck. Thanks a bunch for the help!!


All of the above!  I’d recommend Dr. David Jacobs’ The Threat for Grey-Human hybrids and Alien Experiences (I think…) by Barbara Lamb, Nadine Lalich and Ph.D R. Leo Sprinkle for Reptoid-Human hybrids.  

John Rhodes mentions Reptoid-Grey hybrids in his work (and also runs

As far as Nordic-anything hybrids, I’m not very informed on them or any work they appear in.  All I know is that they’re basically human in every aspect (maybe a little taller, ‘prettier’, weird colored eyes, long hair), but there’s not a lot to them.  I think folks who talk about indigo children get into that stuff a little bit.  Sorry I’m not more helpful on them; they’re just kind of plain and boring to me. haha


Annnd we have a new contestant for top helicopter woman! 

This one is even more impressive because she’s not swiveling at the waist but apparently from her rib cage.  It’s like a combination of the Biohazard and Black Widow poses.

(From Street Fighter Tribute, Udon Entertainment)


Some phenomenal Pokemon x Metal Gear mashup art by Japanese artist Ikuyoan!


piltovers finest!


by Jeff Simpson


by Jeff Simpson


Got a callback from a bakery I applied to!
I interview Thursday morning C:
We shall see how this pans out….

Lets hope you Rise to the occasion. huehue 

ask me stuff before work yeye. fuggin bored.